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Bower Road, West Lakes.

Murph’s Mighty Murray Paddle - Oct 6 - 10 2021

The aim of the paddle is to cover as much of the river Murray from Border cliffs to Wellington in 5 days.

Paddle Day 1

Group 1 – Big G and Hugh started the challenge off 11am @ Customs House paddling 43km to Headings Cliff
Group 2 – Alice and Lynne – started 1230 @ Lock 5 paddled 24km to Lyrup ferry
– this was a major achievement as neither had paddled this distance before!
We were met with calm waters, head winds, tail winds, big roller waves and 29degrees sunshine !!
Set up camp at Kingston on Murray caravan park and were joined by the rest of the paddling crew for dinner!
Murph’s Mighty Murray
Paddle Day 2
Distance travelled today 126 km
First group of the day Jayden and Luke who set out from Headings Cliff and paddled 28 km
Final paddle of the day saw Jordan and Luke ending up back at the Kingston on Murray site
Tomorrow the plan is to paddle from Kingston on Murray to at least Morgan covering at least 150 km . Camping at Morgan camp site overnight.
Paddle Day 3
Murph’s Mighty Murray Paddle saw us start at Kingston on Murray 117 km approx were covered throughout the day with us finishing at Morgan where we stayed the night. Weather started perfect with the water flat as, the winds picked up as the day progressed , ending with strong gusty winds and waves!
Paddle Day 4 – Final Day – weather continued to get worse as the day progressed so the decision was made to make this the last day – setting out from Morgan, paddling continued onward to Swan Reach – a solid 80 Km of paddling !
By time paddlers got to Swan Reach the wind was extremely strong.
We will return another weekend to cover the last leg of the challenge!
Overall it was an amazing experience, a mixed bag of paddlers from experienced paddlers to adventurous less seasoned paddlers all coming together for a positive, enjoyable weekend!
A challenge that will definitely be repeated!